Petition For Compensation For an Act of Terrorism

SUBJECT : Due to an act of terrorism within the scope of Law No. 5233
we are seeking compensation for the damages suffered.
1-) Our client, …/…/… from … Province, …..District, …. During his stay at the village coffee house, he was injured as a result of the coffee house being scanned by unidentified people with an automatic weapon.
2-) Our application for compensation for damage caused by injury in accordance with Law No. 5233, (Annex-1) ….. It was evaluated by the Provincial Governor’s Damage Detection Commission and the result of this assessment was sent to the client …. TL. a draft magistrate’s bill on payment has been submitted. (Annex-2) However, upon the non-adoption of this bill by our client, with the cancellation of the dispute report dated /…/… with the loss of labor suffered due to the incident …. TL. it was necessary to open this case with a request for reimbursement of treatment costs.
3-) Our client was hospitalized due to the incident in question and was deprived of work and strength for a day. (Annex-3) Therefore, he has suffered … TL. compensation of material losses is required.
4-) For the reasons we tried to explain above, we were obliged to file a lawsuit within the legal period to compensate for the damage caused by the cancellation of the dispute report.
LEGAL REASONS : 5233 P. K. m. 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 2577 P. K. m. 15, Terrorism And Counter-Terrorism
About the Compensation of Losses Arising from the Struggle
Regulation m. 15, 16, 17
1-) …/…/… governor’s application petition dated
2-) …/…/… governor’s dispute report dated
3-) Hospital records
4-) All other relevant legal evidence.
CONCLUSION AND REQUEST : For the reasons we tried to explain above, the cancellation of the decision of the Governor’s Office of the Province dated and numbered in the direction of our client, ….. TL. we demand by proxy that compensation be decided with interest to be operated from the date of …/…/… compensation be decided, and that the costs of the trial and the attorney’s fee be charged to the other party. …/…/…
ATTACHMENTS: October 1-) …/…/… dated prefectural application petition
2-) …/…/… governor’s dispute report dated
3-) Hospital records
4-) An example of an approved power of attorney.
Acting Plaintiff

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